Hay Bale Sport


Obviously inspired by Stoat Muldoon's Mattress Sport

Well I don't know how to explain this mess but basically it's a hay bale that tries to be a car. It's powered by the Covet GTz's engine so it has way too much power and no safety at all. The high center of gravity, the huge weight transfer caused by it, short wheel base and lack of suspension makes it driving it a nightmare, but can you really expect much from a hay bale?Configurations:


It's got nothing fancy in it. Basic wooden seat, some headlights and a a rusty muffler that falls off easily. Maybe it's even road legal because it has license plates. Understeers in every corner and has the snap oversteer of a MR2


Looks exactly the same as Base but has a bit more power, sport brake pads & tires. Or in other words, rolls over more easily


The dumbest drift car ever. Turbo for more power, straight pipe exhaust for annoying your neighbors and a wooden spoiler for stabilization at high speeds


Can beat Barstows and Moonhawks easily but is very hard to control. Race bucket seat for more comfort


Maybe putting a huge spoiler and splitter on the bale will help. Nope, its still very unstable and scary to drive. Race bucket seat for more comfort

Warning: does wheelies and rolls over very easily